Here’s A Fast Way To Make $10,000 Using List Leverage

This is one of the fastest ways I know to make quick money.

But before I get into that, please understand that there really is such a thing as quick and easy money. Don’t believe the lies you’ve been told.

Anyone who has an e-mail list understands that quick money can be made from your list, but let me go in depth about a tactic that is so easy you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it earlier.

It’s what I call “List Leverage.” It’s not a new tactic, but it’s a different way to go about getting quick profits.

As long as you have your own product–and you can pay 50% commission on that product–you’re golden.

Let’s say you need a quick $10,000, and you only have 1,600 people on your e-mail list. You know from past experiences that your e-mail promotions on your own products have only averaged a 3% conversion from your house list.

If you have a $50.00 product, and you run a quick sale on that product for $25.00 to make quick money, you’ve only made $1,200 off this promotion to your house list–not nearly what you need to make your mark. You’re still $8,800 short.

Here’s something you should highly consider. If you read what I’m about to tell you, I believe you’ll find huge success with this system.

Let’s assume your niche is “How to Train a Dog.” Go to Google, Yahoo!, and MSN’s search engines. A quick note: Don’t make the mistake of using only Google. Believe it or not, some advertisers have completely given up on Google and strictly advertise on Yahoo! now. (I wish I could say the same about MSN AdCenter because it’s so terrible. In fact, I don’t know anyone who uses MSN Pay Per Click services exclusively.)

Type in the most generic keywords relating to dog training you can find. Search terms such as “dog training,” “how to train dogs,” “help me train my dog,” etc.

Before you begin, look at who is advertising on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. These are usually the real players. They are, by and large, the guys testing, tweaking, and understanding how joint venture proposals work.

Now you’re looking for website owners with large e-mail lists to gain your leverage. I know you can’t read minds, but if they’re using PPC and are trying their very best to get opt-ins right off the bat, there’s a great possibility they’re sitting on at least 5,000 to 10,000 people on their e-mail list.

Your goal is to score a chunk of the traffic they’ve already worked so hard to get, while at the same time making that website owner a profit and hopefully building a long-term relationship with him.

Stop looking at other website owners as competition and start looking at them as teammates!

So now you’ve identified a hot website that you believe you can profit from. This brings us to the next step, which is getting the website owner to read your message.

You know what you want, but the question is can you get through the door to get that website owner to realize that what you’re offering is a good opportunity for him to make good money fast!

Here’s where you’re going to do this in a way that will get you noticed. You simply want to perform a three-step process. Here are the three steps….

1. Send the website owner an initial e-mail. Don’t sell with this e-mail. Simply let him know that you’ve been following his business for a while, and you really love what he’s doing. Let him know that you’re going to FEDEX some information that you think will be invaluable to him and his list and to be looking for it in the next few days. End the e-mail with some nice words about his site and wish him a great day. Keep it simple.

2. Find out the website owner’s physical address and FEDEX the letter you talked about in your e-mail and the product you want him to promote. You can find this information at

If you’re not good at copywriting, hire someone to write this letter for you. You’ll already have the website owner’s attention by using FEDEX, so the chance that he will actually open the letter is highly likely. In this letter, in a non-intrusive way, you’re asking to do a joint venture. Make sure you have a product that’s at least $50.00, so he can make $25.00 per sale. You’ll need to offer a 50% commission.

3. So now you’ve sent the letter. A few days later he’s most likely opened it. If you haven’t heard anything in a week, simply send a follow up e-mail asking if he’s received your FEDEX letter.

That’s it. Three simple steps.

At this point, you’ll know if he’s interested. If you can’t close the deal after step three, you probably shouldn’t be selling in the first place.

Now, three huge things happen when this owner accepts your joint venture proposal.

1. You’ll gain instant credibility with his e-mail list because he’s endorsing you. This normally means an approximate 5% conversion rate for you. If his list consists of just 5,000 people, after commission you still make $6,250 on your $50 product.

2. You have not only gained the customers he’s already paid a lot of money to get, but you can build relationships with these same customers and market to them later. The best part is that you didn’t do anything but send an e-mail and a FEDEX package.

3. He sends his entire e-mail list your promotion. Of course, most will not buy, but you’ll also see a huge surge in opt-ins. They may not buy the specific product you are promoting, but there’s a great chance they’ll sign up for your e-mail list, which gives you a chance to put them through your autoresponder series and marketing funnel.

The benefits are HUGE if you do this right. The great news is that you can literally perfect this system in your niche and create a stampede of qualified traffic for next to nothing.

Sadly, most people are too lazy to do it. I hope you’re not one of them.

Now get started! To begin with, I recommend finding 30 qualified websites for your niche and run them all through this 3-step process.

Imagine if just 5 people agreed? On average you’re about to see anywhere from 20,000 – 100,000 qualified visitors to your site for less than the cost of 30 FEDEX packages.

This system is a no-brainer. Do it, and then e-mail your success story to me. I’d love to hear it!


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    Great post, Ricky!

    “Back in the day” I was in the music biz. If you wrote or produced music, you faced a similar problem getting the attention of the A&R person (similar to the list owner in your example).

    The best, sure-fire way was to send your tape (yup, “tape”-lol!) to them via FEDEX.

    EVERYONE opens a FEDEX.



  2. says

    Thank you for sharing this system. I have been looking long and hard to come up with an effective promo approach to a new product I am creating. i believe you just gave me the answer. And no — I will not be too lazy to put it to practice!

  3. says

    I’ve already mentioned this elsewhere, but I’m reprinting it here for posterity…

    Awesome article. I wish your blog had an RSS feed, though.

    I would also add to the article that, in your 3-step process, you indicate to your JV prospect that you pay either no commissions for this product or a much less percentage. Say 25%.

    This put the 50% offer in the forefront. It makes it look special and available ONLY through this special partnership. And you can add reasons why in your letter with your FEDEX package, stating that, “since I’m confident your people will love this product (and they will love you more for offering this to them), I want to reward you specifically by paying you 50% rather than [my standard 25% commission rate for affiliates]…”

    Also, I would probably offer 55% rather than 50%. It’s true: when people are offered 55% in special JV deals, it pulls more than 50%. Because 50% is such a round, arbitrary number, where 55% sounds “special.”

    (We’ve tested this with 51% and 53% JV deals, and it did just as well and sometimes even better.)

    Finally, I would also add that you can go even a step above by offering a bundled offer (in the future), where you and your JV bundle your products together at a higher price, and split the profits.

    You can promote this bundled package to both your lists, to get the remaining non-buying people to buy. Say your conversion is 3%, and with your JV it’s 5%. Well, if you bundled AFTER the initial promotion, and make the offer to your list once again, you can scratch up another 3-5% (I’ve seen totals as high as 11-12%) with the remaining 95%.


    Because some people on your JV’s list did not buy his/her product. Let’s say your JV has a list and sold 3% to their list as well. That means that 97% haven’t bought. But… they might be more inclined to buy the new, bigger, more valued-added package offer (at a special price, even though it’s higher, it’s less than the two, combined).

    This bundle might be just the perfect nudge to get your JV’s prospects to finally buy your JV’s offer!

    (Or at the very least, ask them if you can become THEIR affiliate and promote THEIR product to YOUR list/backend.)

  4. says

    Good information, Ricky! It’s amazing how straightforward online marketing can be, IF someone just takes the right action…(Also, I echo what Michel said about an RSS feed for your blog…)

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