Internet Marketing Print Newsletter Review: Ben Settle, Doberman Dan, Russell Brunson, Perry Marshall, Dan Kennedy, Craig Garber.

I’m a marketing nerd, there’s no doubt. But when it comes to Internet Marketing things can get tricky because you’re dealing with so much rehashed crap it’s pretty tough to break through and find the good stuff.

Well, for the last year I’ve tested a ton of print newsletters and I’m here to let you know my findings so you can make the best decision for yourself. Some newsletters I purchased, some were mailed to me for free, and some I did free trials on and went through all the material so I could write this blog post so I could see what the newsletter was all about.

There are some I bought that I didn’t even review because they were pretty and not worth a review… I’m not here to bash and name names because that’s not my styles but you know who the Internet Marketing guys are out there with the spammy stuff, I don’t need to go into it here.

I just want to let you know what I feel is worth it out there in the marketplace.

Also, I was going to actually rank the newsletters from #1 through #7, but decided not too at the last minute because it just didn’t feel right.

And lastly, you’ll find no affiliate links in this post because it’s not a promo piece, it’s just what I’ve found going through these marketer’s materials. It’s a quick recap of their newsletters so you can make a decision to try them, or not.

Alright, let’s go…

Review #1:
Doberman Dan AKA Dan Galapoo

Print Newsletter Link:
Price: $49.97/mo

I’ve been a subscriber to Doberman Dan’s newsletter since the beginning. Dan is a very sharp marketer who was a Gary Halbert protégé. What I really love about his newsletter is it comes from real experience from building real businesses. Unfortunately as you’ll see in my reviews coming up, this isn’t always the case. But Dan always has a real world story from the trenches to share, something that always resonates with me on a personal level. His stories grab you because you know they just happened and are fresh, or they are from a real world experience.

There’s been a few times while reading his newsletter that he’s actually compelled me to rethink something I was doing within my own business and evaluate it. This is possible because Dan actually runs real businesses. It’s also possible because Dan hasn’t always succeeded, he’s failed a lot which is great, because it means he actually had the balls to try a bunch of stuff that did fail, which I love and try to do often myself.

Not only that, he’s one of the few print newsletters where you not only get an in-depth marketing education in each issue, but you also get to be part of a Q & A live phone call every month which if you take advantage of it, should easily pay for your membership.

I highly recommend Doberman Dan’s print newsletter. If you only buy one print newsletter from my review today, I recommend this one.

Review #2:
Ben Settle
Print Newsletter Link:
Price: $97/mo

Ben settle is a unique character. When I say unique I mean that in a good way because when it comes to studying and implementing direct marketing, he’s on it. But he’s done something pretty different… Yes he writes sales letters, understands marketing, etc. But what sets Ben apart is his email savvy. I can say this with confidence because I purchased his Street Smart E-Mail Secrets course and it’s 100% legit.

The cool thing about Ben is he writes e-mail in a ton of different markets. This means he has testing data that NOBODY else has. He also is able to let you know what’s working and what’s not working faster than anybody in the Internet Marketing arena.

One of my favorite parts of his newsletter is the way he’s able to stuff about 40 pages of content into 12 pages. I distinctly remember one newsletter where he was showing us how to get media/radio interviews though a special marketing technique he had figured out that made it so easy to understand anyone could figure it out. At the end of the day, I’d recommend Ben’s newsletter for sure. If you send e-mail to customers or prospects, his print newsletter is an absolute must have.

Review #3
Perry Marshall

Print Newsletter Link:
Price: $39.95/mo

I respect Perry because I think he tries to always be honest and be himself which is pretty rare online, especially when being fake can sometimes allow you to make a lot more money.

Anyways, Perry focuses on more than just Google Adwords in his newsletter, he focuses on all aspects of marketing but most people pigeonhole him to just PPC and he’s far from that. Perry also takes a more analytical approach to marketing than most people, but that’s probably due to his electrical engineering background.

If you do PPC, then you absolutely must be on his newsletter. If you want marketing advice that’s somewhat contrarian, you’ll really enjoy his newsletter. At the end of the day, I highly recommend Perry’s newsletter.

Review #4
Russell Brunson
Print Newsletter Link:
Price: $97/mo

Next up is Russell Brunson’s newsletter, which you can get if you’re part of his “Illuminati” membership. I have to be straight up here, I know Russell makes money and I’m sure he’s a cool dude… but his marketing is a little corny sometimes. For instance, on his sales letter in his headline graphic it says, “You’ve Got Only 24 Minutes To Decide… and the clock starts now.”… HUH?

And his body of his letter starts out like this…

“Are you alone?

You’d better be.

Because you’ve been personally selected to read a letter that stays between us.

And I mean that.”

Need I say more on this? Now I know Russell probably doesn’t mean to come across as a cornball with these hilarious statements so I’ll just blame his $5/hour writer from Elance. But hey, people believe they’ve been personally selected right?

Anyways, about his newsletter. I’ve read it when it first came out a few years ago and then I joined his trial so I could read some back issues before I wrote this blog post. At the end of the day, it’s pretty basic marketing information. It’s not really personality based and I found it quite boring because it was very generic information about Facebook, Twitter, time management, etc. I just had a hard time making it through his newsletters.

But that’s just me. Maybe if you’ve been online for only a year or two and are struggling to build your first website, you might get something out of it. Bottom line is for Russel’s newsletter to work in my opinion, he would probably have to take it over completely, take away the corny fake marketing in his sales letter, and build a following around HIM in the newsletter and share more personal stuff vs. the general boring information currently in it.

I’m not sure what his retention rate it, but I’m sure it could probably be better if he did what I just talked about.

Review #5
Dan Kennedy

Print Newsletter Link:
Price: $19.97

I like Dan Kennedy. It was in 2003 when I was first exposed to his work when I bought and read “No B.S. Sales Success”. I really like Dans work and I really like his newsletter. Now, if you don’t feel like spending almost $60.00 on his Gold Letter, just get with his customer service and downgrade to his “Silver” letter which is his main newsletter and it will only set you back $19.97. This is the letter I’m currently subscribed to and it’s a great value.

Dan does a lot of the writing within his newsletter and I always come away with an implementable idea I can use in my business.

At the end of the day, I highly recommend Dan Kennedy’s newsletter.

Review #6
Terry Dean

Print Newsletter Link:
Price: $29.95/mo

Terry Dean has been marketing online for a long time and has stayed committed from day one to being a no hype kind of guy. And that’s what I love about his newsletter, it’s just straight to the point marketing information you can use TODAY.

Terry has probably one of the most practical marketing newsletters online. When I say practical, what I’m saying is Terry will literally give you a step-by-step blueprint to many different marketing techniques within his newsletter that you can plug directly into your business, and he does it in every newsletter and totally over delivers.

If you run an online business, you need to get Terry’s newsletter. If you have a brick and mortar and are thinking about going online, you need his newsletter. If you never plan on going online, you can pass as Terry focuses on online businesses.

Review #7
Craig Garber

Print Newsletter Link:
Price: $49.95

Craig seems like a good dude. I tried his newsletter and went through his interviews, bonuses, etc. The only problem is I can’t really find where Craig has started real businesses of his own other than selling marketing information to other marketers.

I know he’s the “King of Copy”, but in my book to be a real world marketer/copywriter you have to be OR have at least in the past ran an actual business dealing with product creation, customers, shipping, etc. in a niche other than positioning yourself as a marketer selling to other marketers.

I could be wrong about this, I did do research, but I just couldn’t find anywhere Craig has actually sold anything else online other than marketing info to other marketers.

But, I’ll give this to him… his newsletter, although it’s in like 9pt font and is extremely disorganized has some okay information. It does seem that Craig works with clients and does consulting so he must be able to pull information from his knowledge of people that are actually on the front lines and then he can package all that up for his newsletter subscribers.

Of course this is fine and like Russell Brunson, I have absolutely nothing against him personally, this is solely about marketing newsletters and of course I could be wrong about him not having any other business but that’s just what I’ve seen personally by my research.

As for whether you should buy his newsletter? Maybe. If you’re a copywriter trying to sell yourself and get business then it may be worth it to you to order his newsletter and pay attention to his PROCESS of his positioning, USP, etc. that gets people on his newsletter.

As for Internet marketing and building a business I would probably pass, but that’s just me.